Week 7 Project 2

Topic 4


- I chose to do my project on Fifty Shades Darker. I saw the first movie, Fifty Shades of Grey and enjoyed it and have been meaning to watch the new movie and decided it would be a good opportunity to do so. It stood out to me because its different then what most movies portray. It was all over the news and commercials for quite some time because of the reputation it had of being outside of most peoples comfort zones.

Fifty Shades Darker Trailer


- The lead rolls in this movie are Christina Grey, played by Jamie Dornan and Anastaisa Steel played by, Dakota Johnson. The director to the movie was James Foley and based on a novel written by E.L. James. The movie grossed nearly 380 million dollars with a 55 million dollar budget.

- Fifty Shades Darker is about an erotic love story between Christian and Ana. At the end of the first movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian and Ana ended things between them. At the start to Fifty Shades Darker, they run into each other at a art viewing. Ana agreed to get dinner with Christian, which lead them to getting back into a relationship. The whole movie is about Christian wanting to be the dominate and wanting Ana to be the submissive, which is the case in some ways but not all. Christian and Ana come to different terms in order for their relationship to continue.

- Fifty shades darker grossed 380 million dollars with their 55 million dollar budget.
In theaters it produced 114,434,010 in box office sales, compared to 166,167,230 which Fifty Shades of Grey produced. The book, Fifty Shades Darker, surpassed many others and made the top of the best sellers list.


- The only other movies with the same writer is, Fifty Shades of Grey, which the story line is the same and has the same characters, which makes it all very similar. The books done by E.J. James has 4 in the series but the movies have only come out with two so far. The movies have different twists and plots to them but have the same erotic love story attached.  

- I feel like all romance/drama movies always have similar stories to them. Two people fall in love, they overcome multiple mishaps and usually always end up together at the end. For instance, a romance/drama that came to mine, The Longest Ride, directed by George Tillman. The Longest Ride has that basic romance. They fall in love, they break up, overcome certain things, and then all in all, end up back together by the end. With Fifty Shades Darker, it does have that basic love story, I wont lie... but Fifty Shades Darker has a lot of different aspects most romance movies don't have. Obviously, most romance movies have sex in them... a lot of sex, but Fifty Shades Darker goes further into their sex life than most romance movies portray. Fifty Shades Darker is mainly about their sex life and deciding how much either of them can take being dominate and submissive in the bedroom, and life in general.


- I think Fifty Shades Darker is important to the culture because it gives people a different outlook on life. Not everyone has that much of an imagination in life or the bedroom, it might give people a better understanding on how some others minds really work. Fifty Shades Darker isn't a normal love story by any means, it gives a everyone a way to look at different lifestyles.

- I feel like the trend of sex in any movies or TV shows lately are very high. No matter what, it is a fact that sex sells. Considering that Fifty Shades Darker is based mainly on sex that it follows the trends of the culture these days.

- I would say that the target audience is early 20's to 40's but honestly, even my mother who was 58 at the time, read all the Fifty Shades books, so I would say that there is a large range for the target audience.

- I wouldn't say there is many stereotypes in the movie... Fifty Shades Darker is pretty cliche when it comes to story lines and not much of stereotypes, the only thing I could think of when it comes to stereotypes would be the typical white male and female characters in a love story. When it comes to offensive messages, I feel like when it comes to stories when the main point is sex, someone will always be offended no matter the situation. Considering the story isn't about so called "normal" sex, that some people would be offended because the woman in the story is the submissive.


- I would say one of the biggest strengths to the movie are that it is different than any other romance I have seen. Even though, the story line of the typical male and typical female who fall in love and break up then get back together is generally the same (weakness), the factors of how he lives his life and brings her into the "dominate" and "submissive" life style is far different than any other movie I have seen. A weakness that comes to my mind, is that the story kind of goes on and on... there isn't too many plot twists or anything major happening to spice up the story...

- I would say the movie was mediocre. I think that the reason it has so many people watching it is because its "different" and strays away from the "normal" romance you see in most movies, which is true....but, in my opinion even thought it wasn't a "normal" romance, the story line kind of drug on and was boring in parts.

- I saw the other movie by the same author, Fifty Shades of Grey. I found it to be the same quality as Fifty Shades Darker. Same plot line, same twists, along with not too many scenes to spice up the story.

- I would say it is memorable because of the different sex scenes in the movie, which are not so cliche compared to most romance movies.

- Most reviews that I have found for Fifty Shades Darker are not the best reviews I have seen... a lot of people referred to the movie was "watered down" or "basic". Then others refer to the movie was "brilliant" or "out of the limits", so I would say that the reviews are very different in opinion.


- The author and partial producer of Fifty Shades Darker, EL James, has 2,362,065 likes on facebook... so I would say she is well liked when it comes to that. Multiple people say they have liked her and watch her on the " Today's show". A lot of people say good things about her and the book.

- Honestly... I didn't go out and look for the books or other movies, I saw the first movie before Fifty Shades Darker and there weren't any others out yet to watch. I'm not a huge book fan and never really got into reading, other wise I probably would have finished the series by now.

- I didn't look up the author/producers work online, only because I already feel like I know a lot of the information on her books and movies.

- I have a lot of my friends who liked the movies and books, like most cases, the books always get a higher review then the movies do. My mom in fact, read all 4 of the books within in 2 weeks I believe, so she was rather a fan I would say.


When watching the movie, I didn't particularity learn anything that I didn't already know. When doing research on the movie, I found out that the author to the books, was also a partial producer in the movies, which I found interesting. From everything I have heard from my friends and people I know, everyone seemed to really like the books/movies, but I found that a lot of people who reviewed the movie weren't so sure about it.



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